Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hey guys!!!
I dont know if anyone still reads or checks this blog anymore. But if you are still a reader of this blog I will tell you what I am doing and have not posted in FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

1: Track started
Yep! It takes a lot of hard working, training, and time to run! But I LOVE it!!! And my track team rocks and is so supportive! Who else runs track?

2: Ballet started!!!
Yep! It ALSO takes a lot of hard working, training, and time to do! But I LOVE it!!! I take from a really sweet girl just 10 minutes from my house and the lessons are affordable! :)
So, on Monday night ballet started back up, and my teacher pulled me aside and asked if I would want to en pointe!!!! WHAT???? OF COURSE!!!!! NO, I didn't really say that! It was more like, "umm... yes..."
SO, I go on Saturday to get my first pair... *AH* I am beyond excited!!!
(for those of you not dancers and dont know what pointe shoes are,)
They are THESE:

I will write soon! I promise!


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